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When searching for someone to farm your property, it is important to look for a history of farming as well as a future of farming.

Bill has been farming since 1975 when he took over his father's farm. Bill has spent his entire life devoted to agriculture. He is very committed to producing high yields and has taught a great deal to his son, William, about farming.

William has been involved in farming since he could walk. Beginning at a young age he wanted to become a farmer, and his dream has now become a reality. William currently offers many arrangements for your particular farming needs. He offers custom farming, crop share, and cash rent arrangements as well as other flexible lease options. His home base is in Warren County, but he is also farming in surrounding counties.

We are assisted by a full lineup of state of the art equipment and have pride in every field we farm. We love farming America's heartland and are committed to getting high yields for clients.

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